Continuation of Pearl on my Previous Clumsy Hippo account since I now get an error.

SO GET THIS while the new vet is testing pearls liver and pancreas, which Wellpet never did, he said she may have been misdiagnosed and it’s secondary diabetes. I’ll wait for the tests but while we are hearing how bad off she is Wellpet is emailing me and my husband nastily saying it’s on us. BIG MISTAKE ladies, oops, females. YOU caused this. YOU may have misdiagnosed. YOU want update NEVER return our calls to do what you’re saying. YOU REFUSED to assist us in getting insulin. AND never told us we could get it some places for 1/3 your price and NO prescription. YOU are failures and about to lose at least three other clients. YOU should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. This is not even close to being over. (Ps no hint of sorry) I’ll keep updating on this inhumane group of unprofessional money grubbing amateurs. You brought what’s going to happen on yourselves and BETTER pray she survives.