The week that almost wasn’t

Rough week, I say, rough week. I was looking at the days individually forgetting they were connected in a much longer event. I did not forsake you, however. I said I would try not to let it get past one week of quiet and here I am proving that.

And I have to get back on schedule today. I can also announce an upcoming project. More on that to come. It’ll be different to the others. Nice, different, unusual.

So getting back to present business, these links will transport you to last Monday and Fake Fiction. Then you will marvel at the loosely considered mid season cliffhanger for Days of General Restlessness on Clumsy Hippo’s Morning Serial Wednesday. Finally, on Friday’s Morning Serial is the trailer for the next story, Slumberguard 2: Gift Shop.

So I’m doing my best to stay on schedule and am actually proud of how well I’m doing.

Fake Fiction-19-Already Rusty

Morning Serial Wednesday-#7-Ready, set, escalate

Morning Serial Friday-Slumberguard 2: Gift Shop (trailer)