Days of General Restlessness is my mock soap. Ongoing, confusing, surprising, upsetting, joyous, evil. The resident’s of Tempest have a problem more unsettling than the unnatural events they endure. They think this is a normal life. DoGR trailer DoGR Pilot DoGR-2-Life DoGR-3-Sorry Stay tuned this Wednesday the 20th of March for […]

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Not Forgotten

It wasn’t a morning post but it’s still Friday. After part one of the story the delay is explained in Fake Fiction and then the after show Bit of Shush answers what happened at the pharmacy last week, preventing me from finishing the episode. Clumsy Hippo’s Morning Serial: Slumberguard-Trailer Clumsy Hippo’s Morning Serial: Slumberguard: […]

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And Then There’s Me

It’s coming together but this is something you can use to determine if you are truly interested. If so, find my podcasts most anywhere pods hang out. My Triad Podception clumsy hippo’s morning serial–me reading my fiction clumsy hippo’s fake fiction-behind the scenes look at process, inspiration, and current stories being read. also peeks behind […]

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ok so my god it took all night to find a theme I could work with and fiddle with the fonts and colors and widgets. Omg not to mention finding the right pics. There really isn’t any content yet and wtf I got lots of followers so thanks for that everyone. It’s honestly the reason […]

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